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What is a Safelist?

A safelist is a group of people who have agreed to receive email advertisements from each other. When group members send email ads to each other using a safelist such emails are spam-free (safelist emails cannot be considered spam) because everyone has agreed or opted in to recieve email ads from other list members. Safelists are "double opt-in" - any person who joins must verify by email that they wish to be a member. Safelists, also known as optin lists are a popular way to advertise and are in high demand by many marketers.

What are the benefits of owning a safelist?

There are many benefits to owning your own safelist. Safelist owners have a head start in promoting their opportunities as they have their own mailing lists. Safelist advertising is known as one of the most effective advertising methods online. As a safelist owner you will have your own contact list which you can use to advertise your business opportunities or you can sell advertising in your mail-outs. You can sell safelist memberships or give away paid safelist memberships as an incentive. You can offer paid members free banner ad rotation, free main page sponsor link advertising, and/or free top sponsor email ad rotation as an incentive for upgrading to a paid membership or you can choose to sell this ad space and earn from ad purchases and membership upgrades. You set the cost of paid memberships and you set the cost of any ad space you sell. The advertising you will receive as a safelist owner/admin is highly valuable; You will have a great advertising resource. Add your own banners, main page links, member menu links and top sponsor ads.

Why should I host a safelist with Butterfly Web Works Safelist Hosting?

You will always receive excellent support here at Butterfly Web Works Hosting. You will also receive many bonuses with your safelist order. As a Butterfly Web Works Safelist hosting subscriber you will receive a bonus advertising package for free!

Can you provide more information on the Bonus package?

Click Here to see what is included in the bonus package. This bonus package is provided for free as a way of saying thank you for choosing Butterfly Web Works Safelist Hosting.

Is HTML knowlege required?

You do not need to know HTML. You will have an easy to use administrative area where you will be able to manage your safelist. Here you can easily change the colors on your safelist, specify the mailing frequency for the different membership levels, etc. The safelist script handles everything for you automatically. For instance, when someone joins your safelist a validation email is automatically sent to them. No work is required from you. You will be able to easily resend validation emails to your members by simply clicking a button. If you wish to add images to your site, you can do so easily from your Admin area. You can see the admin area and members area of the safelist by logging into the Demo list If you need any assistance with anything at all, whether it be setting up your safelist, managing your safelist, or changing the appearance of your safelist, we are here to help you.

Is there a safelist setup fee

No - Safelist set up is free!

How long does it take for my list to be set up?

As soon as your payment is verified you will be able to set up your list. Setting up a new list is easy! Simply fill out a short form specifying your safelist details (safelist name, desired password etc.) next click "Submit" and your list will automatically install. Your list will be up and running instantly. If you need help or have questions you can use the support ticketing system in your members area to contact us or email us by clicking the contact link. We are here to help you.

How do I get a safelist?

Click on the "Sign up" Link. You will be joining the affiliate program first. In your members area is a link: "Set Up Your Safelist". Click that link to start your subscription. Once approved, you will click that same link to set up your safelist. To adopt a list click on the 'Adopt a list' link.

What will my safelist url look like?

When you create a new safelist, you choose your own Safelist Name and subfolder name. This subfolder name is what will be shown in the URL for your safelist. For example if you have the Safelist name "Wings", you may want to call the subfolder "wings". The URL would then be http://butterflywebworks.com/wings You may change you safelist name at any time, but the subfolder name can not be changed so be sure to use a name you are happy with.

What do affiliates earn?

Affiliates earn a bonus of $0.50 per month for every active safelist they refer. The affiliate program is built right into the safelist script. The members area has a "Get Your Own safelist" button which is linked to your affilate url. If any of your safelist members sign up for a safelist from the members area of your safelist you will be credited $0.50 per month as long as their subscription remains active!

My question isn't answered here

Please contact us with any questions. We are always here to help you.


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