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At Butterfly Web Works Safelist Hosting you will receive all the advantages of safelist ownership Plus More! You will receive a special BONUS Advertising Package Free! Use it to advertise your new safelist or use it to market any of your other businesses.

Here you will receive premium value and top quality support.

Offering you only the best!

Special Sale Price

Start a new safelist today for the special sale price of only 5.50 per month!

Starting your own list is easy! Sign up for a listowners account Here You will be able to place an order for a new list from inside your members area.

To adopt a list click Here

Basic Safelist Features

Double Opt In

Easy to edit member profile

Resend validation link navigation. Members can easily resend their own validation links. The safelist owner can also resend validation links.

Supports HTML and text formats

Preview ad feature

Three membership options - Free, Pro and Platinum

Platinum members receive no mail from other list members. Platinum members only receive mail from the safelist admin

User friendly administrative area. Easily contact your members with safelist updates or send a contact mail advertisement. User friendly interface - makes it easy to make any changes to your safelist.

Easily promote your products or businesses by adding additional buttons to the safelist members area. Also choose which members area you would like to add the additonal buttons to - Free, Pro, Platinum or All!

Set your own member mailing frequency. You choose how often each membership level can send ads.

Customize the look of your safelist - Choose your own fonts, colors, page background, add your own images!

Banned domain Feature. Safelist Owners have the choice to ban any domain. Once a domain is banned, no member will be able to join your safelist using that domain. If they've already joined they will not be able to send again until they change their email address.

Banner Rotator. Safelist owners can add, delete, and edit banners from the Admin area with ease. Your members will be able to view their banner stats. Option to sell banner advertising. You set the price! Use the banner rotator to advertise your own banners!

Top Sponsor Ads. Safelist owners can set unlimited rotating top sponsor ads to go out in all free members ads. As a safelist owner you may add your own or sell top sponsor ads to your customers! You set the price

Sponsor Links. Sponsor links on the main index page. Safelist owners may add links, delete, and edit them from the admin area. Members and visitors can purchase ad space on your index page. You set the price

Support System. Online support ticket system. No worries of lost support emails.

POP3 mailbox cleaner for pro and platinum members.

Affiliate Program built right into the script! If any of your safelist members decide to get their own safelist and they join through your safelist members area you will be credited! It's possible for you to make an affiliate commission without even promoting! Member affiliate program too! Ability to offer your members a commission for referring new members. Built right into the script!

Professional Ad Tracker features Unlimited ad tracking.

Links Page in members area - Members and safelist owner can Exchange Links to Programs and Services.

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